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Interregional tourism forum «The history of Russia in its small cities»

Being in the first five countries with the biggest tourism potential (according to UN WTO experts) our country deserves to be on the first place. Millions of tourists should see treasures and riches of our nature, historical and cultural and ethnographic heritage, all our country’s transcendent beauty and charm. To achieve this we have to apply plenty of effort aimed at increasing quality of touristic product and providing service safety for objects of national tourism industry.

The Federal program "Domestic and inbound tourism development in the Russian Federation (2011-2018)" was approved by the Russian Federation Government in August 2011. For the first time in Russian history significant resources are being attracted for creation of modern, competitive industry infrastructure and improvement of tourism opportunities of our country.

Our richest cultural and historical heritage is a truly superb resource for tourism development, but the problems are still many as well. The investments in the development of cultural and informative tourism and the promotion of the tourism potential of the small historic cities of Russia will serve to revive the centuries-old national traditions and raise the quality of life and regions as a whole.

This December the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturism) together with the regional authorities of the Russian Federation holds regional forums and conferences that contribute to promoting tourism opportunities in our country and one of them is the Inter-regional tourism forum “History of Russia in small towns” to be held in Kostroma on December 8-9.


The historical and cultural heritage of Kostroma region, the heroic past of its inhabitants (Ivan Susanin), age-old traditions of jewelry and crafts, unique historic image of the ancient cities and many other things create all the prerequisites for the sustainable growth of the region’s travel attractiveness and tourist traffic.

Besides the exhibition with interactive presentation of tourist potential of the small historic towns of Russia "Small historic towns" there will be held a number of events:

  • Plenary session "The development of cultural tourism in the small historic towns of Russia as a factor in the revival of centuries-old national traditions"
  • Interregional meeting on the implementation of the federal target program "Domestic and inbound tourism development in the Russian Federation (2011-2018)"
  • Round tables "Museum development as a modern socio-cultural and tourist center of the region", "Use of public-private partnerships to attract extra investment in tourism infrastructure and tourist facilities in the Russian Federation regions" and "Development of cultural tourism as a mean of promoting the tourist product of small historic towns of Russia"

Exit section with tours to the historical and cultural heritage of Kostroma region and exit session for representatives of the federal mass media with visiting historic towns and villages of Kostroma Region are programmed too.

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The history of Russia in its small cities

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