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What are they, the “Landmarks of the Future?”


The II Kazan International Tourist Forum the “Benchmarks of the Future” was taking place from October 19 — 19 in the Hotel Trading and Entertainment Complex “Korston” . In the three-day Forum about 400 specialist from the tourist industry from more than 30 regions of Rusia and some European countries took part.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Ildar Khalikov Deputy Head of Federal Agency for Tourism, Dmitry Amunts, Deputy Director of Tourism and Regional Policy Department of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Kotolyov, took part in the opening of the Forum.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Ildar Khalikov was the first to greet the Forum participants. In his speech he reminded of the project on the Bulgar ancient town and the island-town of Sviyazhsk revival, in which serious funds had been invested. Ildar Khalikov noted that tourism today is of great comprehensive importance to the republic. First of all, this is the opportunity for the regions to introduce themselves, provide their recognition in the world, and also the opportunity to develop tourist trends as an independent tourist business structure.

The World students Games 2013, which hosted representatives from 170 countries of the world, was visited by more than 150 thousand tourists, and for which 13 new hotels had been built, was of great impact for the republic. In Prime-Minister’s opinion that was a good impulse for tourism development, and now it is important to keep the tourists’ interest to Kazan and Tatarstan. “Perhaps we will receive come offers and from our colleagues and the Forum participants”, added I. Khalikov.

At the opening Dmitry Amunts said: “By the end of the year an explicate agreement between Federal Agency for Tourism and the Republic of Tatarstan will have been signed. The republic will become a pilot site for new tourist technologies improvement, attracting funds to the industry within the frame of private business — state partnership”. Besides, mutual approach to sports tourists accommodation and work with the fans will be developed during preparation to the World Football Championship 2018.

He mentioned development of the project “The Country of the Children”, in realizing of which Many subjects of the Russian Federation are involved. “This refers to creating model children’s camps for rest with the accommodation of more than one thousand children up to the age of 14 at a time. 24 sited, including Tatarstan, are planned to be created”, explained D. Amunts.

After the greetings the Plenary Meeting on world tendencies of tourism development, prospect trends of national tour product forming and promoting started, which was organized by Federal Agency for Tourism within frame of the realization of federal target program "Domestic and Inbound Tourism Development in the Russian Federation (2011 — 2018). The meeting was held in a lively discussion form, where each participant could directly ask a speaker a question on the topic of the presentation and express his/her opinion.

Rostourism Deputy Head, Dmitry Amunts told at the meeting about the priority trends of tourism development in Russia and the tasks to be solved. He reminded that all of them had been formulated in President’s and Government of Russian Federation commissions.

Among those there is: a long-term strategy of domestic and inbound tourism development; determining of the priority trends of certain tourists trends development; statistics improvement; available and comfortable tourists environment development (including the unified navigation and tourists oriented information); building a hotels chain according to the world standards with obligatory classification of tourist destinations; improvement of norms and regulations in the part of the demands to the tour-guides, interpreters and organizations which render tourist services, unification, including transport services.

Dmitry Amunts also said that the set tasks implementation is impossible without using innovative decisions. It is necessary to actively introduce new technologies in tourists services and staff training system qualities in the sphere of tourism, to improve marketing forma and making the tourist product.

Answering the question of the Forum Plenary Meeting moderator, Ildar Khalikov reported that Tatarstan today, besides sports and culture tourism, is developing Business tourism. “That means organizing special-purpose forums, oil, bank, scientific and practical conferences, and other business events on the territory of the republic. Within the frame of the forums the participants also visit sights, look around the monuments of culture and history, and we will keep on developinf this trend”, he said.

Head of Ministry of Youth, Rafis Berganov said that tourism in 2013 had brought Tatarstan about 6 billion rubles, and it was especially noticeable after the World Students Games, but there are more ambitious tasks not only to keep the achieved but also to 8-12% increase of the rate of growth in the near future.

President of Tour Agencies Association of the Republic of Tatarstan, Ramil Miftakhov noticed: “At the moment Tatarstan has a complete infrastructure. Our task is to put the promoting objects — the cultural heritage of Tatarstan — into such an information environment so that a person could have free access to any information about Kazan and Tatarstan”.

Managing Director of the Company for Tourist Destinations Promotion, SE1 Media, Nickolas Hall gave direct advice “The first thing to think of is the brand. Tatarstan has to have a unique brand. It has to depend on the fact who your tourist is like and who you are oriented at”.

A representative of World Tourist Organisation (UNWTO), Zhanna Yakovleva, paid attention to the fact that the foreign tourist flow, who visited Russia for the first six months of the year, 17% increased and amounted to more than one million people, and the profit from the foreign tourism in the Russian Federation 20% increased. “If we want more tourists to come to Russia we have to move to the visa regime simplification”, she said.

Within the Forum Program two more sessions were held. During the first session under the name of “Adventures of a Foreigner in Russia” non-standard programs of foreign tourists staying, topics of providing comfortable environment in the accommodation facilities, cafes etc., were discussed. The second day was wholly devoted to the theme of internet technologies in tourism.

During the Forum an exclusive presentation on hospitality by the Organizing Committee of the World football Championship FIFA “Russia-2018” was held.

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The II Kazan International Tourist Forum the “Benchmarks of the Future” was taking place from October 19 – 19 in the Hotel Trading and Entertainment Complex “Korston” . In the three-day Forum about 400 specialist from the tourist industry from more than 30 regions of Rusia and some European countries took part.
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